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DECOLE goes on SALE!!

As simple as it says. Decole now on 20% off!! Grab them while stocks last.
You do know they don’t run re-productions on these adorable babies…

oh yes. Happy National Day.


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from the lost city of Atlantis…

Lets begin this with a story…

Atlantis, is a long lost city, which represented the ‘perfect society’. It was an island made up of mountains, moats, and bridges with very fertile land, abundant food, water, forests, animals and flowers. In Plato’s account, after the Atlanteans failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean, in a single day and night of misfortune.

This story is arguable and so the question remains whether or not Atlantis really existed.

TMOD’s range of jewelry ‘Long Lost Secrets’, explores this great historical mystery through forms representative of relics from the lost city of Atlantis, hidden deep below the sea. Shells, compasses, and anchors include some of the underwater references; but most importantly, is Pegasus, which Poseidon, the God Of the Sea was carried on.

As TMOD’s jewelry ranges are infamous for their interactive and experience, so too are these exquisite pieces. A four sided pendant has a latch and hinged mechanic to allow the piece to be worn in 2 different ways, as its is capable of opening and closing though a simple pull and twist movement. Similarly, there are pendants with stones or carved silver designs that spins around a central rod.

The Long Lost Secrets range is also multifunctional in tis use, as it is also a range of Signets. Signets explore the history of the Atlantis myth, as fossils do, they can tell stories of the past through forms carved at the time. The signet becomes their own fossil and relic, creating impressions though a seal that can be broken. TMOD’s range is a metaphor for concealing and breaking our own long lost secret, whether it is personal or historic.

Each piece comes packaged in a canvas pouch, with 2 wax seals and a box of TMOD matches so these representations and impressions of the lost city can live on.


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Send friendly garden greetings! Modern yet folksy!
Eco-friendly sustainably harvested yellow birch cards from Night Owl Paper are now available in stores!

Wood grain varies from card to card, creating quite an original note, simple gift or little piece of art.
Each card is more enchanting than the next! So adorable!!
i ♥ the bug, i ♥ the bug, i ♥ the bug… i ♥ foxy too
• Write with ease using color pencils, ballpoint or gel pen
• 1 Flat wooden card with colour coordinated envelope
• Ample room for a handwritten message

they really make me smile from the heart, and that, feels really good.

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the friday/weekly: #06 this.morning



Its an explosion of visual candy. And yes, it does takes a certain kind to pay attention to everything, simply because there’s really ALOT. One might go into a dizzy spell (good ones of course) from all that kaleidoscopic showers. Too much of a good thing is… MUCH GOOD AND WONDROUS THINGS, LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM! (there’s more incoming next week oh~~)


oh yes, we had a film crew came in this morning… we’re gonna be on national television! hoothoots* More details will be shared very very soon! Keep a lookout for it! (random: dont you love flowers? absolutely ♥ the round ones. oh, how we love flowers. and leaves!)

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the ♥ new:arrivals ♥

INCOMING alert from our favourite Japanese brand;
Decole (say…. deh-co-lay*)
The long awaited shipment has finally arrived!

We’re so excited! You should be too!!
Coz they are pretty-oh-so-pretty-thingamabobs!!

All Ready in their glory for you over at Mandarin Gallery, and we promise have them readily stocked at the Cathay store sometime before mid May! Oh do come by! There’s so much of everything-so-wonderful!!

Pictures can be found via our facebook page <—-click here

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the friday/weekly #02: the perfect imperfection

“we don’t believe in the idea of perfection.
its attractive as a concept, but in reality it breaks down.
instead, we believe in personal significance.
we believe in finding meaning in the briefest moments,
and the magnitude in the smallest objects.”

From their Vancouver studio; a 100 year old converted house, the pair craft the heraldic seal talismans that have become the Pyrrha signature, using techniques that evolved from trial and error and a disregard for rules. Inspired by a box of 19th century wax seals, intrigued by the richness of symbolism, Pyrrha’s most recent incarnation came about.

“Making jewelry out of them was inspired by a desire to give the seals new life and permancence,”

Remaining solidly connected to their Vancouver base, they’re firmly committed to local production. Pyrrha jewelry is made with reclaimed silver and gold, made without chemical cleaners, and packaged in recyclable containers and biodegradable bags. Making environmental responsibility a priority in a business which hasn’t typically been green.  Their design direction is largely a reaction to the proliferation of overseas factory made, mass produced jewelry that is so common in their industry.

“everything seems to be cranked out at a staggering pace and then left for dead.  Because we live in such a throwaway society, it’s necessary to create some things that can be kept.”

“the stones of Deucalion had thrown were formed as men,
those from Pyrrha’s hands were reshaped as women,
hence we are hard, we children of earth,
and in our lives of toil we prove our birth.”

these wonderful necklaces are currently stocked at our Mandarin Gallery store.

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i wish you. love.

say i-love-you the way they used to…
because the old is romantic.

Adorably lovely vintage repros (from actual antique designs from yesteryears) pop-up/standing Valentine’s Day cards are available in stores this very moment. With movable parts; googly eyes/see-saw action/bendy arms (totally archaic, but i guess thats what’s so cute about it! Remember how u used to have hours of fun with books that’s got tabs/strings/flaps to pull/push/lift and something will start moving on the same page?… omg. i love those things)

oh.. and a small stash of paperdolls… with outfits in oh-so-pretty-colours! in 5 different design; 5 different books, 5 different girls.

“…and in july, a lemonade, to cool you in some leafy glade, i wish health and more and well, i wish you love.”

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