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one. lights are up.
Christmas in full swing.

two. lovely christmas goodies are pouring in like rain.
Expect restocks+newstocks.

three. setup is fierce over at mandarin gallery.
Scheduled to open start of this Dec.

<<stay tuned for more quickie updates>>


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the charming and the hilarious*

from faraway Norway!

Wonderful cards from Darling Clementine are absolutely charming! Not being able to wait anymore, we have decided to showcase a preview of the Marionette collection of 6 gorgeous prints! Inspired by 1950’s finger puppets, these pretty square cards are blank inside for doodles and words. Each comes with its own brown kraft (recycled) envelope.

and for those with a sense of humor… we have got just the thing for you.
from new york! new york! Saying it as it is, these Uncooked cards are effortlessly hilarious and endearing all at the same time. Things that you might actually have thought but didnt have the balls to say it, or thought it was inappropriate to say it coz it might make u look mean/bad/rude… its all here in store. and we LOVE it.

“Our cards are a lot different to other card lines. It’ll take time before they get fully appreciated. Smart people get them first. Idiots catch on later, after someone tells them they’re funny”. ~the uncooked duo

on another note:
Renovations of Mandarin Gallery is still ongoing… its more/less, here there.
we’re on standby for moving in/clean up/setup. There’s no stopping this train.
Be ready by mid Nov 2009.

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great NEW additions*

Have you seen these GREAT additions for home/office/kitchen/newborns/everyday from Pepperpot? They’ve just arrived not too long ago.. (hmm.. maybe about like 2+ weeks ago) and are currently stocked, available at our humble store.  

Just a short feature of my new favourite range! RECYCLE!

These wonderful journals, notecards, file folders are such a visual treat. Not only that, they are 100% recycled! Isn’t it wonderful? There is no need and definitely no excuses to sacrifice style for efforts in saving our dear planet earth!

Exclusively at .woodwould..

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For: me.momsie

Happy Momsie’s Day to me momsie… and all momsies everywhere… 

And coz its momsie’s day… these be perfect simple pressies for good o’mama!

Smaller, incredibly handy and completely portable, this organizer includes everytging a busy mom needs to take her show on the road. Weekly calendar pages for tracking family members’ schedule, directory pages to locate everyone from kindie school to the mobile cleaner, planning pages for meals and vacations as well as helpful sticky notes and tearout lists. At the office or at home… and even if you’re on the run, this organizer is the ultimate tool for keeping it altogether.

Another classic piece from our The 5s… and expanded 6, it also tracks schedules, medical and all your important contact information, this features a soft berry coloured vinyl cover with an elastic closure! Great size to pop into mom’s handbag too!

Recently featured in *Atarashi*yo, these wonderful table organizers (actually… I think they’re actually pretty portable especially since they’re book-like with the magnetic closure and the accordion folder) Very Pretty! Very Useful!

Something else thats useful for moms… actually for every household to be exact. 
The Handy Household Helper. Its the perfect tool to keep track of miscellaneous paperwork! With roomy pockets for storing owner manuals,  purchase receipts, appliance warranties and all the other odds and ends, plus additional room for jotting down details of home purchases, its an entire filing cabinet in ONE single holder! 

For serious wine lovers, this luxurious leather bound volume is simply a pleasure to have for recording everything about the world’s most revered libation. With ample room for jotting down notes on all aspects from memorable wine tastings to vineyard visits to food pairings… its packed with expert information on wine varieties, growing regions and tasting terminology! With features like bound-in pocket for preserving keepsake labels, this journal is the ideal companion on the journey to discovering wine’s most sublime secrets! Brilliant book for momsie and popsie for their wine vacation!

Napa valley anyone? … that reminds me of this wonderful little vineyard I visited in Capetown… they had the most wonderful white wine… bouquet blanc? or something its called… yumsies*

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général français

As the founder of the renowned crafts and notions store; French General, Kaari Meng scours the French countryside and Parisian flea markets for wonderful vintage treasures. Now this beloved designer has gathered her favorite patterns into a charming sourcebook that’s sure to be coverted by crafters, Francophiles and home decorators.

With 30 simple sewing patterns for French inspired projects; scalloped tablecloth and so much more… These ready-to-use pattern sheets, embroidery transfers gorgeous photographs, step-by-step directions and helpful illustrations, Home Sewn brings simple pleasure of the traditional French living into any home!

Filled with 200 pieces of multipurpose labels and stickers, this pretty portfolio allows you the most elegant way to personalize homemade treats, crafts… sweeten home organizing and also… adding that finishing touch to gifts and correspondence!

Inspired by classic patterns of vintage French fabrics, this stationery box set is set to charm all your recipients! Contains 30 writing papers, 30 envelopes; 6 designs repeating 5 times in full colour!

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… to Check Out Series


Inspired by hand-stamped due date cards from the school libraries, this little ring-bound journal has sections to keep track of To-Reads, favourite passages and books lent/borrowed. It also includes a handy pocket for review clippings!

A Do-It-Yourself Restaurant Guide promises to keep your tummy happy. It includes sections to keep track of your fanvourite restaurants/eateries and dishes for when you eat our or take out. Fill it up with yummies for the tummies and use it to decide when you have no clue what to eat for dinner tonight! …what a problem solver*

For the traveler who wants to keep track of favourite destinations, lovely hotels, yummy restaurants, where’s-good-for-what-shopping, must-see attractions. Use it like a personalized travel itinerary + logbook!

Always have something to say after a movie? This ingenious journal is definitely set to bring out the critic in you! Allows you to track your favorite flicks and jot down the To-Watch and you’ll never miss another movie ever again!

For all music lovers and their audio adventures! With many friendly sections like Reviews-to-Write, Playlist-to-Create and pocket to store tickets and such… no more scribbling song titles down on random envelope backs or receipt paper!

My favourite of this series! Keep track of gift preference, to -give and gifts given! Also a gifts for me section for you to go crazy on your wish list. After receiving it too has a section to remind you if you haven’t send out a thank-you note. What’s best is that it has a resource section plus a pocket to save gift receipts, business cards and what-nots!

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A new series of high-quality blank sketchbooks for graffiti fans and artists. Each sketchbook has a screen printed board cover depicting an exclusive artwork by internationally acclaimed artists. Hard board cover with 200 paper pages.

By Jimi Crayon
Of United Kingdom, he has had solo shows in Brighton as well as being involved with a host of group shows in London. From his london base, he is also known for running a successful clothing company “URGH”. You most probably saw his works on the walls at trendy store openings or at private gallery exhibitions.

By Darbotz
Artist, graffiti writer and graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia.
He likes to blend his commercial and underground works together. Cumi; his trademark character can be seen on walls all over Indonesia.

Born in Tokyo 1972 , and being exposed to graffiti at the age of 16, since then… ESOW has devoted his time to fusing traditional art with graffiti. A painter who loves skateboarding and cycling, he is best known for his unique characters and is regarded as one the finest character illustrators on Japanese graffiti scene.

NODS*… available in store!

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