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great NEW additions*

Have you seen these GREAT additions for home/office/kitchen/newborns/everyday from Pepperpot? They’ve just arrived not too long ago.. (hmm.. maybe about like 2+ weeks ago) and are currently stocked, available at our humble store.  

Just a short feature of my new favourite range! RECYCLE!

These wonderful journals, notecards, file folders are such a visual treat. Not only that, they are 100% recycled! Isn’t it wonderful? There is no need and definitely no excuses to sacrifice style for efforts in saving our dear planet earth!

Exclusively at .woodwould..


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For: me.momsie

Happy Momsie’s Day to me momsie… and all momsies everywhere… 

And coz its momsie’s day… these be perfect simple pressies for good o’mama!

Smaller, incredibly handy and completely portable, this organizer includes everytging a busy mom needs to take her show on the road. Weekly calendar pages for tracking family members’ schedule, directory pages to locate everyone from kindie school to the mobile cleaner, planning pages for meals and vacations as well as helpful sticky notes and tearout lists. At the office or at home… and even if you’re on the run, this organizer is the ultimate tool for keeping it altogether.

Another classic piece from our The 5s… and expanded 6, it also tracks schedules, medical and all your important contact information, this features a soft berry coloured vinyl cover with an elastic closure! Great size to pop into mom’s handbag too!

Recently featured in *Atarashi*yo, these wonderful table organizers (actually… I think they’re actually pretty portable especially since they’re book-like with the magnetic closure and the accordion folder) Very Pretty! Very Useful!

Something else thats useful for moms… actually for every household to be exact. 
The Handy Household Helper. Its the perfect tool to keep track of miscellaneous paperwork! With roomy pockets for storing owner manuals,  purchase receipts, appliance warranties and all the other odds and ends, plus additional room for jotting down details of home purchases, its an entire filing cabinet in ONE single holder! 

For serious wine lovers, this luxurious leather bound volume is simply a pleasure to have for recording everything about the world’s most revered libation. With ample room for jotting down notes on all aspects from memorable wine tastings to vineyard visits to food pairings… its packed with expert information on wine varieties, growing regions and tasting terminology! With features like bound-in pocket for preserving keepsake labels, this journal is the ideal companion on the journey to discovering wine’s most sublime secrets! Brilliant book for momsie and popsie for their wine vacation!

Napa valley anyone? … that reminds me of this wonderful little vineyard I visited in Capetown… they had the most wonderful white wine… bouquet blanc? or something its called… yumsies*

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… to Check Out Series


Inspired by hand-stamped due date cards from the school libraries, this little ring-bound journal has sections to keep track of To-Reads, favourite passages and books lent/borrowed. It also includes a handy pocket for review clippings!

A Do-It-Yourself Restaurant Guide promises to keep your tummy happy. It includes sections to keep track of your fanvourite restaurants/eateries and dishes for when you eat our or take out. Fill it up with yummies for the tummies and use it to decide when you have no clue what to eat for dinner tonight! …what a problem solver*

For the traveler who wants to keep track of favourite destinations, lovely hotels, yummy restaurants, where’s-good-for-what-shopping, must-see attractions. Use it like a personalized travel itinerary + logbook!

Always have something to say after a movie? This ingenious journal is definitely set to bring out the critic in you! Allows you to track your favorite flicks and jot down the To-Watch and you’ll never miss another movie ever again!

For all music lovers and their audio adventures! With many friendly sections like Reviews-to-Write, Playlist-to-Create and pocket to store tickets and such… no more scribbling song titles down on random envelope backs or receipt paper!

My favourite of this series! Keep track of gift preference, to -give and gifts given! Also a gifts for me section for you to go crazy on your wish list. After receiving it too has a section to remind you if you haven’t send out a thank-you note. What’s best is that it has a resource section plus a pocket to save gift receipts, business cards and what-nots!

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Brilliant Bathroom Book

A good friend of mine LOVES to talk about poo. He almost gets as excited as he was before when it comes to the topic… and never has he seem bored of it… It can be the same poo talk each time but it never fails to entertain himself and the rest of our gang.. that besides farts… Its really hilarious to hear it even though i’ve been listening it for the past… 10years? ahahahaha* (yes… not your average einstein conversations…)

So for all you people whose friends are like mine… Or maybe you are just like my friend who cant get enough talking about poo… This one is simply perfect. Brilliant bathroom reading material!

This witty, illustrated description of over 2 dozen doodies, each with a medical explanation written by a doctor, gives you the low-down about your health and well-being by studying what’s in the bowl… Sidebars, trivia, over 60 euphemisms for number 2 plus unusual case of histories… Who knew you can learn so much from your poo?


Continuing from What’s Your Poo Telling You?, comes the Poo Log. A journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of… your doodie. With an extensive glossary, handy reference checklist, interesting nuggets throughout… you can scribble your experiences down and have a laugh over it. 

I have a great idea….
Leave this out in your bathroom… and have visitors who placed deposit pen a confession… anonymous preferred.

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The Wedding Series: -PLANNING Helpers

I may not have any experience when it comes to planning weddings, but it sure looks like one hell of an event to plan. Many brides that I’ve seen look either too stressed out handling it on their own… or still look stressed out coz they’ve forked out good money to hire a wedding planner who cant seem to deliver their dream. Fret not… these might just do the trick! Help you, help yourself!

Instant Wedding Planner by Jennifer l. Shawne helps you sort out and organize your thoughts for this big day. From making lists on thoughts about the various subjects like… the gown, the catering, the location… to polarized charts of the most and least important details… to straightening out money matters… and shopping around… along with many tips, advices and options, you shouldn’t have any problems sorting this out within a snap of a finger. Oh Happy Brides!

Alternatively, we have another clever wedding planning book especially if you’re intending to whip up a small non-traditional, budget-friendly event all by yourself. Yes, it is definitely do-able! Kelly Bare’s DIY Wedding, Celebrate Your Day Your Way covers everything from DIY invitations, favors, food, drinks, music… all in all, for all indie brides who are willing to take on add-your-personal-touch projects but dont know where to begin, this is what you’re looking for!

Bride Ideas by Stella Kim is for the bride-on-the-go. Inspirations, ideas, lists and to-dos are packed in this fabulously flexible planner. Featuring a fold-out Master list that allows you to keep plans on track, friendly prompts to insure important details are kept on check as well as customizable peel-and-stick labels for quick references, its indeed one useful, practical and creative planning tool for a beautiful wedding!

And yes, its available in our humble store!

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Cute clothing and pajamas! Crazy accessories! POP-art styled home furnishings! PAUL FRANK is indeed a favourite to many…(including our own woodwouldians who’s mad bout the monkey) But only recently… as of probably just may of last year, PAUL FRANK Industries launched a Wonderful stationery line… and its still growing!

Paul Frank Julius Journal… Yes, THE monkey! The iconic face stitched onto a vinyl cover with snap closure and also with a zipper on the back! Also available in the same style, is Clancy the giraffe! (he’s so cute!)

Cry of the Tiger journal is one of the latest of Paul Frank stationery line… 192 pages, colour illustrations!

Fancy writing letters the old fashion way on some really colourful pop-styled correspondence? You’ll have a wonderful time with Julius Stationery. Each pack contains 16 stationery sheets with 16 envelopes; 4 colour designs repeating 4 times each… Plus a sticker sheet to seal your letters! Me loves this*

This delightful bedtime story features Julius taking readers on a tour through the world of dreams… paddling down a strawberry-milk river… performing at rock concert on the moon!

Only in Dreams ~ When I sleep, I dream. And when I dream, I can do anything I can imagine!

Remember the kiddy matching game where you flip the cards on their backs and try to find the matching cards in the shortest time span? Now in true Paul Frank style, this classic Matching Game includes 72 cards, and simple instructions in a hard case magnetic closure box! Build memory and concentration skills with Julius and friends!

Designs taken from their tees line, Love is the New Black is a postcard book shows off the dynamic pop sensibility of Paul Frank! 30 full coloured postcards in a handy book format!

Everything shown here is all made available at our store right this moment!

.woodwould.. is on level 3 of The Cathay, unit 03.03!!


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For all list makers out there, this one’s got your name on it! Simple as it is making a list, just fill in the blanks and VOILA*… your very own autobiography!! You most probably will uncover a few things about yourself while filling this out… So grab a nice pen, sit down with a cup of coffee and scribble away… When completed, I think it’ll be one of the most wonderful reads ever! 

Hmm.. maybe friends should trade books.. you-read-mine-i-read-yours kinda thing… heee* Or… “I’ll get you this as a present, but I get to read it after its filled up..”  MUAHAHA*

Now, after you’re done with listing out your life…. of course you didnt think that’s the end of your autobiography did you now…. Next off! Let’s get down and dirty with LOVE listography! From the sweet… to the cringe-worthy… and the downright naughty (probably the best parts.. heeee*), this one is gonna rock your socks off! Don’t we all wanna know… 

“I hope that the books serve as inspiration and as a practical personal tool, but also as a catalyst for reflection. Reading a list is like looking at an old photograph; there’s an essence of you in there…” ~ Lisa Nola: Creator of Listography Books


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