her short story

long long ago, not too far away, lived a little girl. she loved sitting under the sun, reading fairytales and rhymes. She doodled, she drew. she began writing short stories and scribbled her thoughts, through and through; when she laughed and more when she cried. simply to save keep those moments before they got stolen by time.

obsessed she got, with what she penned on. high and low, over and under, she went in search for the prettiest wonders.

years passed. things changed. as she grew taller, pencils and paper got shadowed by keypads and tabs. everyone started to type, more than they actually write. but despite all that, her love remains. never a day, she didn’t wish that all could still be done in the old school/old fashion way.

don’t get her wrong. she loves the new as much as she loves the old. to fuse them both is what she deems as part of her goal.

of pens, pencils and paper, she shares her dream with you.

what wood would when willed… is what woodwould is filled.


8 responses to “her short story

  1. i never leave the cathay without paying a visit to your store and having a tough time deciding what NOT to buy. love all the stuff you guys stock!!

  2. Toong Euphemia

    coool! mind if i blog about you’ll?
    my humble (not so popular design) blog would love to have such coolio post!


  3. rirowa

    i can’t wait to see your new shop 😀

    and ps. i love your story~ its so sweet

  4. Wanted so much to visit you but couldn’t find your shop at Mandarin Gallery…

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