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the friday/weekly: #08 ★ what dreams are made of

Dreams. Are never quite as it seems. They come. They go… and sometimes, you wouldn’t even know. But when you do and if you do, do you scribble them down like in a frenzy? for fear that you will forget the very next moment? Never too sure what to make of them dreams, but oh, how I love them… even the bad ones that taunt and torment me so.

A recent new addition in store, the Bedside Dream Journal. For recording the journeys you went off to, after lights out; the misty streetlights, the silvery sea, the swirling star fields, just you and me. The inspiration, introspection and the evergrowing wonder. Complete with a dream glossary and helpful instructional text as a guide towards creative thinking and better dreaming. Night after night.

i dreamt a dream.
and sometimes, dreams are just better heard.
and it sounded exactly like this.

(i wish i was still in it. i wish i never woke.)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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the friday/weekly: #07 write your heart on a card

As promised, truckload full of cards in boxed sets along with many other goodies have been stocked up over at both stores!

Flip-top boxed cards, thank you cards, little-keep-it-boxed cards, social note cards, you name it… We say they’re brilliant and good for any and every occasions coz we love them blank! Lots of writing/doodling space! (except for thank-yous, which of course, has thank-you expressions on them, but they do too, have ample writing/doodling space. hee*)

Write one BIG word or a few BIG words, a long lovely note or perhaps to doodle a picture of sorts and leave your recipient some your innermost thoughts. Just a few gorgeous shots of what came in (for the time being… will update more soon!)

So much more at the Mandarin Gallery and The Cathay stores. Come by! Its packed full of GOODIES! You’ll most probably be tempted to keep some for yourself instead of giving them away…

oh, generous generous hearts~

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the friday/weekly: #06 this.morning



Its an explosion of visual candy. And yes, it does takes a certain kind to pay attention to everything, simply because there’s really ALOT. One might go into a dizzy spell (good ones of course) from all that kaleidoscopic showers. Too much of a good thing is… MUCH GOOD AND WONDROUS THINGS, LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM! (there’s more incoming next week oh~~)


oh yes, we had a film crew came in this morning… we’re gonna be on national television! hoothoots* More details will be shared very very soon! Keep a lookout for it! (random: dont you love flowers? absolutely ♥ the round ones. oh, how we love flowers. and leaves!)

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the ♥ new:arrivals ♥

INCOMING alert from our favourite Japanese brand;
Decole (say…. deh-co-lay*)
The long awaited shipment has finally arrived!

We’re so excited! You should be too!!
Coz they are pretty-oh-so-pretty-thingamabobs!!

All Ready in their glory for you over at Mandarin Gallery, and we promise have them readily stocked at the Cathay store sometime before mid May! Oh do come by! There’s so much of everything-so-wonderful!!

Pictures can be found via our facebook page <—-click here

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