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friday/weekly#05: NEW GOODIES

Alrighty everybody. Gonna cut this real short and sweet.

Much new goodies from USA have just arrived at both stores!
Plus so much more incoming over the next couple of weeks!!

Just in time for MOMSIE DAY, wouldnt you say?


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friday/weekly #04: handy household helper

If you’re anything like me (someone tries desperately to get things organized but… oh well. Ok… at the very least, to the best I can!), this folder book would come in pretty handy in storing those tiny slips of receipts or various household documents! Hardcover/wire-o-binding with 8 well-tabbed roomy pockets, its great to keep track of miscellaneous paperwork from appliance warranties, owner manuals, maintenance records to purchase receipts! It’s like having many file folders all rolled up into one handy book!

Check them out in both stores!

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the friday/weekly #03: a menagerie

From one of our favourite Japanese illustrator; Junzo Terada!

Magical Menagerie [pronounce: muh-naj-uh-ree]
featuring 20 different animal sculptures!
Pop the pieces out from its template and slot to fit them together!
Like a real simple puzzle! 3D no less!
No need for scissors, no need for glue… hohoho..

Perfect for playing, decorating or simply sprucing up your desk!
These lovely creatures come in a keepsake box, complete with envelopes for storage purposes.

Mail them out to your friends to say hello!
To brighten your day is to brighten mine!

available at both The Cathay and Mandarin Gallery store.


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regional assembly of text

As awesome as canadian maple syrup/glorious bacon and pancakes (omg, i am so hungry right now), these lovelies from canadian collective; Regional Assembly of Text are simply gorgeous! More than 50 designs came in just recently, and boy, did it covered a good part of the floor when we had them all spread out!

We’re loving the Button cards with a cute 1.25″ button that can be taken off and worn by the recipient! Wheel cards where you turn its wheel for a change of image or a change in message!

Available at both The Cathay and Mandarin Gallery store.

off note:
we are still looking for suitables to fill our fulltimers position here at .woodwould..
we’ll chat more about it! Email us:

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