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Urgently looking for full time help, oh yes we are.
By full time, we mean 5/6days a week…
Retail hours (11am/12pm to 930/10pm) most definitely.

For those who are interested, Email us at


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the friday/weekly #02: the perfect imperfection

“we don’t believe in the idea of perfection.
its attractive as a concept, but in reality it breaks down.
instead, we believe in personal significance.
we believe in finding meaning in the briefest moments,
and the magnitude in the smallest objects.”

From their Vancouver studio; a 100 year old converted house, the pair craft the heraldic seal talismans that have become the Pyrrha signature, using techniques that evolved from trial and error and a disregard for rules. Inspired by a box of 19th century wax seals, intrigued by the richness of symbolism, Pyrrha’s most recent incarnation came about.

“Making jewelry out of them was inspired by a desire to give the seals new life and permancence,”

Remaining solidly connected to their Vancouver base, they’re firmly committed to local production. Pyrrha jewelry is made with reclaimed silver and gold, made without chemical cleaners, and packaged in recyclable containers and biodegradable bags. Making environmental responsibility a priority in a business which hasn’t typically been green.  Their design direction is largely a reaction to the proliferation of overseas factory made, mass produced jewelry that is so common in their industry.

“everything seems to be cranked out at a staggering pace and then left for dead.  Because we live in such a throwaway society, it’s necessary to create some things that can be kept.”

“the stones of Deucalion had thrown were formed as men,
those from Pyrrha’s hands were reshaped as women,
hence we are hard, we children of earth,
and in our lives of toil we prove our birth.”

these wonderful necklaces are currently stocked at our Mandarin Gallery store.

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the friday/weekly #01: oddball

“we believe in quality and style. we believe in letterpress printing. we believe in US post. we hope you believe in Oddball Press.”

we at .woodwould.. do.
Oddball Press, from Cleveland, Ohio, combines century old press/printing technique; letterpress, with 21st century help; the Mac in creating these gorgeous cards. Sexy 18th century silhouettes with detailed accents a little bit everywhere, these babies are but just a tat darker than the usual, but oh-so-beautiful* And i bet i say this all the time when it comes to letterpress, run your fingers over them and feel the impressions* I love it. More designs can be found available at both stores.

Time to handwrite a message.
Time to say “hello”…
(last one’s my favourite*)

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