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XOXO x HUAT ahhhh!

As the weekend approaches, we would like to let everyone know that .woodwould.. would remain OPEN! throughout this festive period! Well, technically, one store would remain operational. (So, for you forgetful birds,… there’s still hope. Its not too late.)

.woodwould.. at The Cathay:
13th Feb – closing at 4pm
14th/15th Feb – opening at 2 to 10pm

.woodwould.. at Mandarin Gallery:
13th Feb – closing at 4pm
14th/15th Feb – closed.

Regular hours will resume on the 16th Feb for both stores.



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i wish you. love.

say i-love-you the way they used to…
because the old is romantic.

Adorably lovely vintage repros (from actual antique designs from yesteryears) pop-up/standing Valentine’s Day cards are available in stores this very moment. With movable parts; googly eyes/see-saw action/bendy arms (totally archaic, but i guess thats what’s so cute about it! Remember how u used to have hours of fun with books that’s got tabs/strings/flaps to pull/push/lift and something will start moving on the same page?… omg. i love those things)

oh.. and a small stash of paperdolls… with outfits in oh-so-pretty-colours! in 5 different design; 5 different books, 5 different girls.

“…and in july, a lemonade, to cool you in some leafy glade, i wish health and more and well, i wish you love.”

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mandarin/gallery 28.01.2010

too beautiful to be kept under wraps.

Meant for mandarin gallery’s official opening, .woodwould.. voucher letters were being churned out almost overnight. But a tiny change in plans, have left these babies sitting on our desk.

(we’re looking into making this a permanent fixture here at .woodwould.. voucher letters, that is. Coz it’s too pretty. Stay tuned for updates.)

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sold. BOO.
we miss you torpedo.
please take care of your gorgeous voice and your handsome self.

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