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the charming and the hilarious*

from faraway Norway!

Wonderful cards from Darling Clementine are absolutely charming! Not being able to wait anymore, we have decided to showcase a preview of the Marionette collection of 6 gorgeous prints! Inspired by 1950’s finger puppets, these pretty square cards are blank inside for doodles and words. Each comes with its own brown kraft (recycled) envelope.

and for those with a sense of humor… we have got just the thing for you.
from new york! new york! Saying it as it is, these Uncooked cards are effortlessly hilarious and endearing all at the same time. Things that you might actually have thought but didnt have the balls to say it, or thought it was inappropriate to say it coz it might make u look mean/bad/rude… its all here in store. and we LOVE it.

“Our cards are a lot different to other card lines. It’ll take time before they get fully appreciated. Smart people get them first. Idiots catch on later, after someone tells them they’re funny”. ~the uncooked duo

on another note:
Renovations of Mandarin Gallery is still ongoing… its more/less, here there.
we’re on standby for moving in/clean up/setup. There’s no stopping this train.
Be ready by mid Nov 2009.


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