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decole: decolello*

Dont you feel like packing your lunch/snacks to school/work today? Especially with such adorable lunch-boxes/tupperware pieces from DECOLE. ….or perhaps, a picnic at the gardens this weekend? 



(indeed too cute to resist, i used the cups to hold my drawing pencils, 2-tier lunchboxes to store my pens and markers, small tupperwares to keep my accessories, and the set of 4… packed with goodie foodies! crabmeat corn salad* Yummers*)



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i know its been awhile. Theres too much to tell… which i will. and  faithfully glue my eyes on the mac, my ass down to the chair, and give u the lowdown… but 1st… pphheewwww*

one entire night of bumbling around the virtual world, reading/deciphering in greek. (felt almost too much like da vinci code, only that i am no audrey tautou) Its working! …or at least a part of it is…! =0)

took a 1D1N trip into cyber-universe (because existing in our present world simply aint good enough), we’ve got our intergalactic IDs, passports stamped… and We’ve got visa. 

the facebook badge is up….* points right* —->
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For: me.momsie

Happy Momsie’s Day to me momsie… and all momsies everywhere… 

And coz its momsie’s day… these be perfect simple pressies for good o’mama!

Smaller, incredibly handy and completely portable, this organizer includes everytging a busy mom needs to take her show on the road. Weekly calendar pages for tracking family members’ schedule, directory pages to locate everyone from kindie school to the mobile cleaner, planning pages for meals and vacations as well as helpful sticky notes and tearout lists. At the office or at home… and even if you’re on the run, this organizer is the ultimate tool for keeping it altogether.

Another classic piece from our The 5s… and expanded 6, it also tracks schedules, medical and all your important contact information, this features a soft berry coloured vinyl cover with an elastic closure! Great size to pop into mom’s handbag too!

Recently featured in *Atarashi*yo, these wonderful table organizers (actually… I think they’re actually pretty portable especially since they’re book-like with the magnetic closure and the accordion folder) Very Pretty! Very Useful!

Something else thats useful for moms… actually for every household to be exact. 
The Handy Household Helper. Its the perfect tool to keep track of miscellaneous paperwork! With roomy pockets for storing owner manuals,  purchase receipts, appliance warranties and all the other odds and ends, plus additional room for jotting down details of home purchases, its an entire filing cabinet in ONE single holder! 

For serious wine lovers, this luxurious leather bound volume is simply a pleasure to have for recording everything about the world’s most revered libation. With ample room for jotting down notes on all aspects from memorable wine tastings to vineyard visits to food pairings… its packed with expert information on wine varieties, growing regions and tasting terminology! With features like bound-in pocket for preserving keepsake labels, this journal is the ideal companion on the journey to discovering wine’s most sublime secrets! Brilliant book for momsie and popsie for their wine vacation!

Napa valley anyone? … that reminds me of this wonderful little vineyard I visited in Capetown… they had the most wonderful white wine… bouquet blanc? or something its called… yumsies*

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