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The store has been overflowing with wonderful goodness from all over the world… and since we’re at it… might as well just let you guys know that we are slowly releasing DECOLE spring/summer 2009 items into the store… Absolutely with no clue how are we gonna fit everything in!

Pictures will follow… soon… (i need a clone… or maybe 3).  
Known for keeping their production to limited runs, DECOLE churns out with new designs/new products every season. Once sold out = sold out… simple as it is… So… in the meantime… theses (not exactly decole… but from Japan too) are currently all in stock, in store, available right now!

One of those things that is bound to distract you from work on your desk… HAHA* they so pretty and cute, its impossible to keep your fingers to yourself and not give them a twiddle! Comes in their respective little linen bag for perfect storage!

Elephant + Apples Balancing Game

Bunni + Butterflies Balancing Game

Squirrel + Acorns Balancing Game

Ladybug + Clovers Balancing Game

Bird + Keys Balancing Game

Elephant + Logs Balancing Game

Hedgehog + Spikes Balancing Game

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Balancing Game

Bird Forest Balancing Game

.insanely adorable. 


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letterpressed wonders*

Letterpressed cards have always been one of the main characters of our store and we so love the fine 3 dimension element it possesses… we’ve brought in another new range of cards this time, adding on to our current existing letterpressed card collection.

Grown from California, using 4 presses, 2 Piglets letterpress churns out textured wonders… See it… Run your fingers over it…FEEL…. Manually fed and pressed like the good old ancient days  of the 50’s… (i wish i can time-travel back into the 50s…)

All cards are pressed using soy ink (may contain some nut oils) onto beautiful bristol paper which contains 30% post consumer recycled fiber (you just can’t tell). With NO hormones or antibotics! Inkjet and laser compatible! Presses are cleaned using ordinary & simple vegetable oil, instead of harsh & non-edible smog causing solvents. Very healthy! 

Seeing for urself is the only way. No images will do justice to this one.
You’ll just have to swing by the store and check it out yourself.

For those who are wondering about this ancient beauty… watch this short documentary. It will definitely give you a better idea…

Like a tragic love story… its beautiful, romantic… and almost too painful to acknowledge that this artform… eventually will die… nothing is forever right?

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général français

As the founder of the renowned crafts and notions store; French General, Kaari Meng scours the French countryside and Parisian flea markets for wonderful vintage treasures. Now this beloved designer has gathered her favorite patterns into a charming sourcebook that’s sure to be coverted by crafters, Francophiles and home decorators.

With 30 simple sewing patterns for French inspired projects; scalloped tablecloth and so much more… These ready-to-use pattern sheets, embroidery transfers gorgeous photographs, step-by-step directions and helpful illustrations, Home Sewn brings simple pleasure of the traditional French living into any home!

Filled with 200 pieces of multipurpose labels and stickers, this pretty portfolio allows you the most elegant way to personalize homemade treats, crafts… sweeten home organizing and also… adding that finishing touch to gifts and correspondence!

Inspired by classic patterns of vintage French fabrics, this stationery box set is set to charm all your recipients! Contains 30 writing papers, 30 envelopes; 6 designs repeating 5 times in full colour!

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… to Check Out Series


Inspired by hand-stamped due date cards from the school libraries, this little ring-bound journal has sections to keep track of To-Reads, favourite passages and books lent/borrowed. It also includes a handy pocket for review clippings!

A Do-It-Yourself Restaurant Guide promises to keep your tummy happy. It includes sections to keep track of your fanvourite restaurants/eateries and dishes for when you eat our or take out. Fill it up with yummies for the tummies and use it to decide when you have no clue what to eat for dinner tonight! …what a problem solver*

For the traveler who wants to keep track of favourite destinations, lovely hotels, yummy restaurants, where’s-good-for-what-shopping, must-see attractions. Use it like a personalized travel itinerary + logbook!

Always have something to say after a movie? This ingenious journal is definitely set to bring out the critic in you! Allows you to track your favorite flicks and jot down the To-Watch and you’ll never miss another movie ever again!

For all music lovers and their audio adventures! With many friendly sections like Reviews-to-Write, Playlist-to-Create and pocket to store tickets and such… no more scribbling song titles down on random envelope backs or receipt paper!

My favourite of this series! Keep track of gift preference, to -give and gifts given! Also a gifts for me section for you to go crazy on your wish list. After receiving it too has a section to remind you if you haven’t send out a thank-you note. What’s best is that it has a resource section plus a pocket to save gift receipts, business cards and what-nots!

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A new series of high-quality blank sketchbooks for graffiti fans and artists. Each sketchbook has a screen printed board cover depicting an exclusive artwork by internationally acclaimed artists. Hard board cover with 200 paper pages.

By Jimi Crayon
Of United Kingdom, he has had solo shows in Brighton as well as being involved with a host of group shows in London. From his london base, he is also known for running a successful clothing company “URGH”. You most probably saw his works on the walls at trendy store openings or at private gallery exhibitions.

By Darbotz
Artist, graffiti writer and graphic designer from Jakarta, Indonesia.
He likes to blend his commercial and underground works together. Cumi; his trademark character can be seen on walls all over Indonesia.

Born in Tokyo 1972 , and being exposed to graffiti at the age of 16, since then… ESOW has devoted his time to fusing traditional art with graffiti. A painter who loves skateboarding and cycling, he is best known for his unique characters and is regarded as one the finest character illustrators on Japanese graffiti scene.

NODS*… available in store!

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Brilliant Bathroom Book

A good friend of mine LOVES to talk about poo. He almost gets as excited as he was before when it comes to the topic… and never has he seem bored of it… It can be the same poo talk each time but it never fails to entertain himself and the rest of our gang.. that besides farts… Its really hilarious to hear it even though i’ve been listening it for the past… 10years? ahahahaha* (yes… not your average einstein conversations…)

So for all you people whose friends are like mine… Or maybe you are just like my friend who cant get enough talking about poo… This one is simply perfect. Brilliant bathroom reading material!

This witty, illustrated description of over 2 dozen doodies, each with a medical explanation written by a doctor, gives you the low-down about your health and well-being by studying what’s in the bowl… Sidebars, trivia, over 60 euphemisms for number 2 plus unusual case of histories… Who knew you can learn so much from your poo?


Continuing from What’s Your Poo Telling You?, comes the Poo Log. A journal for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of… your doodie. With an extensive glossary, handy reference checklist, interesting nuggets throughout… you can scribble your experiences down and have a laugh over it. 

I have a great idea….
Leave this out in your bathroom… and have visitors who placed deposit pen a confession… anonymous preferred.

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The Wedding Series: -Occasional SPECIALs

Something though conventional yet elegant? You must have a look at Rag & Bone Bindery’s hand-bounded timeless photo albums! House your most treasured moments in these classic albums, made from 100% dupioni fabric for its covers and 40 heavy weight ivory or jet black hand-sliced Acid-Free paper pages… (look at the raw and 0h-so-pretty jaggedy edges of each page) If you love embellishments, the extra whatnots, this is perfect for scrapbooking! Most worthy for such a joyous occasion, that being said…

For every purchase of a Rag & Bone Bindery album, we’ll throw in a pack of Acid-Free photo corners at no charge. And that’s not all…. Whisper “Great Wedding Gift” to us before u check out and we’ll knock another $20.00 off on your bill!

Available in these various formats:
*Jet Black on Black pages
* Blood Red on Black pages
* Champagne on Ivory pages

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