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its starting to feel like…

SINGS~~~ Its… starting to feel like Christmas! LIKE CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re feeling it too! =0D

Its been awhile since theres an update on the blog… we had it rough for the previous 2 months as xmas shipments from all over the world came in all at one go! and shorthanded we are! That pretty much explains for our missing picture updates and everything… But, its all good now, we always managed.. somehow! Now… we’ll try to post up images of all things new as soon as we can..

So, if you haven’t popped by recently, you should. We’re literally stuffed to the brim with new gorgeous journals/cards/books/file-totes/pouches/homewares/games/containers/xmas wraps/ kids puzzles/ craft kits/postcard sets/Decole goodness/planners and more more more! In the midst of the swimming amongst stocks, we managed to squeeze in some time to make some Tiny changes around the store! (so tiny that i bet you probably can’t tell, but what the heck…) =0D

Why don’t you come spend this Christmas with us? With so much wonderful goodies and great gift ideas/bundles, we promise you’ll be able to find great presents that everyone will definitely love you for!


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