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this sunday activity

we’ll be at HOUSE this sunday!

psst… BIG item sale. Confused? Dont be. Come see!


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Is a ‘sorry’ too much to ask?

I wonder if its upbringing, if its education, if its simple common manners…or the total lack of it all. It really makes me question what kind of people make up today’s society, here in Singapore. And I wonder if this happens overseas as well, (here there, we’re all humans…probably, maybe less?…more? …eeks….) I know its a small issue, but just because its such a simple thing, it really bothers me why.

Yesterday, i watched a couple of girls came into the store, broke a toy (beheaded the mechanical monkey robot to be exact), conveniently tried stuffing the head back onto its body, and placed it back on the shelf. As though nothing had happened. (upbringing? education? simple manners? total lack of it?) When confronted, I couldn’t believe what came out from their mouths, despite of the ONCE BROKEN = SOLD sign placed just right above their heads.

Attitude they brought. Excuses they gave. Solutions they even provide me with as to what to do with the broken robot. Everything but admit they broke it. And everything but an apology. You waltz into the store, you broke something, you conveniently placed it back and you’re giving me attitude over it? I’d say you better check urself coz no matter how small, its coming out from your pocket. Hell right. It sure did.

Do you go around to people’s houses, break something, then put it back and pretend it never did happen? Its like… (for lack of better descriptive words, but it really conveys my frustration and exasperation this time) you’re giving me shit about me giving you shit for breaking something? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

It usually wouldn’t have cost you a cent, if you have brought it to our attention, and apologize that you broke it. Such situations are but few and rare. Whether to enforce a store policy, afterall, is our prerogative and our decision to make. So if you break something, i suggest you keep your attitude at bay, and apologize for what you’ve done, because I’m not for selling you a broken piece more than you’re wanting to buy one.

To you 2 girls, if in any case that you didn’t understand why still, due to questionable upbringing/education or the lack of manners, i say it again without stating it more clearly for you.

It wouldn’t have cost you a cent if you would have just acknowledged and apologized for breaking it.


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