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a mish-mash of some random journal entries… rhymes we once knew so well… pictures we once drew and still drawing… our most important “people” (though only few are actually humans)… things that meant something to us… things we want to remember forever…

These, we share with you… see you at 2nd-level-middle-right-elevator-door.


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tiny little people.

Baby stuff,
are NOT ALL fluff,
i kid u not,
i do not bluff.
with treats like these,
they aim to please,
be the baby they even tease.
leave a footprint,
some pictures mint,
a lock of hair before it gets tint.
thoughts from mom,
and dreams from dad,
all kept within a safe scribble pad.
until much older,
would baby then appreciate,
such treasures,
and treats that time couldnt fade.

woohoo* spur of the moment rhyme.

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no pain. no gain.

Latest additional to the series of 5s!

Count how much calories you just ate, and how much you will shed from the work-out schedules you’ve planned… if only working out is as easy as writing it out…


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of a certain New-Yorker…

Bold solid colours and simple lines. Must be all that vinyl that creates the very-Kate-Spade-feel to this gorgeous floral design line. From pretty magnetic white-boards and journals to sleek photo albums and guestbooks to handy passport holders and luggage tags and more… these babies sure are functional beauties! not to mention that they’re only at the fraction of the price compared to one of our favourite New York brands… Weee*

Cool stripes and dots are more of your thing than that of pretty girly florals? …so… you’re kinda more of the boy amongst the girls eh…

Of course the cool colours, stripes and checks are “more” for the boys. But you know us girls… we want them all. Shirts, pant-suits, ties… everything. Ha* So, for our not so-girly-days, and our not-so-girly selves, we remain constant with one thing; Things that look good. Good enough to write on, good enough to use and bring around. Enough said.

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talking bird

Honestly, I’m quite tired of seeing shades of pink and reds and oranges for weddings. High time for a change.

Gorgeous neutral tones with a hint of pale bleu, subtle floral silhouettes laced pages, a partnership of paper and fabric makes this BleuBird range perfect for that divine wedding you’ve been planning. With matching photo albums, guestbooks, trinklet purses, favor bags,thank-you cards, this range covers your entire wedding stationery needs.

Throw in generous amounts luscious greens, bunches of fresh camomile flowers in random free standing vases, entwine italian ruscus with some senecio beads to form bird nest clusters, and pick out the creams, pale-blues and yellow speckled chocolate Mini Eggs… 5 eggs per nest… Think outdoor. Think enchanted forest… Can anyone see the picture I have in my head?

Now…Not eveything has to be red or pink… Think Marta Steward Weddings.

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