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what’s your favourite word?

Yup. we said it. Selected items up to 30% off.

And because its a S.A.L.E., just spend $50.00 and above on our regular priced items and we’ll throw in a 10% discount! That pretty much makes a storewide sale… aint it? …..well… sort of… =0D

HIP card members get a straight up 20% off all non-sale items.
And an additional 10% off those on-sale items.
…dont you wish u were HIP….?

sale ends 30th June.

you heard us.



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“return of the MUMMY”

I remembered watching mom and grandma cook up a storm in the kitchen when I was a kid, there don’t seem to be any recipes lying around the table, nor any cookbooks. Granny insist its all in her head. Mom says the same. (but I caught her with pieces of oil-stained-madly-scribbled-paper, a bunch of them sitting in the FILE-IT tray…) And theses days, with the help of technology, recipes of all kinds are just within a click of mouse, and that only means more paper in the FILE-IT tray.

So, I wondered what’s good for mom….

BEHOLD! PRETTY Recipe Organizers!!

Pretty printed red vinyl cover with stitching on its spine and back, this fresh fruit themed recipe organizer is a 3 ring binder, has 8 tabbed pockets dividers, 10 clear page protectors and also a measurement and equivalent chart! (very handy for all kitchens!)

Also comes in a cool blue hue, printed on linen which features a fun cooking theme!

Help mom keep those oil-stainted-madly-scribbled-secret-recipes as well as those to-try or have-tried-recipes in these gorgeous and handy organizers! This way, everyones got access to the files of gastronomy (even me… secretly building up my own stash of yummy recipes…shhhh*)

Also available in Fresh Fruit and Cooking themes are Magnetic Notepad and Shopping List Envelopes (as seen above respectively).

Do what we do! List down what we need, set aside some cash, the remaining goes to the one who does the actual shopping! Comes in 25 envelopes in a pack. Now… who wants to do grocery shopping?

Recipe Organizer Gift Pack available! Just ask!


But if mom likes to write than print recipes from the net, don’t fret. There’s always something else to choose from.

Recipe Box! Small, cute, doesn’t take up too much space in the smallest of kitchen. A fresh fruit or cooking themed flip-top box, has 8 tabbed dividers, comes with 40 recipe cards! (simply ready for you to fill in the details of that yummy dish) Recipe cards refills; 40 pieces in a pack are available as well.

Recipe Box Gift Pack available too! Ask us!


For busiest mom in the world, this should do the trick. Designed by Amy Keroes of, comes Mom’s Ultimate Family Organizer!

Inside the sturdy binder is a one-stop system for managing motherhood. Mom will find these calendar pages useful (to keep track of family members’ schedules), these directory pages helpful (to locate everyone from the kindergarten teacher to the dry cleaner), and these planning pages perfect (for birthday parties or the family vacation)!! Sticky notes and tear-out lists make it so much easier too! And when mom’s all pooped out, this organizer is filled with survival tips and tricks from other real moms, offering a much needed boost!


These very pretty but sturdy file totes sure will brighten up mom’s day! (in fact, it brightens up just about anyone’s day really!) These babies definitely spruce up any work space or office table, not to mention its useful too! Have your papers filed accordingly into the 8 interior dividers, everything becomes so handy you can zip it around, all in one tote, ! Afterall, theses are always more stylish to help with paperwork rather than carrying an old manila envelope.

Matching file folders available!

File Tote Gift Pack available too! Ask and you’ll be shown!


And for the cherry on top of the cake, some very girly pretty Mother’s Day cards…


To you, the anchor of my ship, whom without, be adrift at seas throughout.


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