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~happy weeks~

A new favourite! (Yes, indeed. Too many favourites… But who’s complaining about too much of a good thing? One cant have too many holidays, one cant have too many favourites… What’s the point of working so hard everyday when indulgence is the most pleasurable reason of living?)

Clean, simple, crisp and filled with cool graphics every page within! (80pages to be exact) With good writing/drawing space, this has got to be one of our favourites this year! And being undated, that simply gives more than one reason to have this stashed amidst your other favourites till you can bear to use it! (oh, just use it…! There will always be many other newer favourites!)

See it in-store!



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a better view o.0*

Keep your ezlink card/credit cards/VIP cards in these Retro holographic card holders! Holds 16 good cards! 2 smashing designs! No more ripping wallets! =0D

For the busy, this should help in time management. Plastic protector over its PVC cover and with 312 pages worth of weekly and daily writing space, you have no reason to have any of your important appointments/dates/parties missed! Oh, comes with a own set of index tab stickers too! In Serious Black or Chemistry Wheat. (Its very dictionary-like… hmmm… a clever and smart looking one.. book. Not boy…maybe boy will look smarter with this?…. hmm, i am not too sure….)

The Classic. 80pages worth of monthy/weekly/daily writing space on these retro vinyl almost A4 sized planners. Perfect for those who write big and probably doodle as you scribble… In Dark Chocolate, Cherry Red, Vanilla Creme.

Leather jackets. Don’t we all love them? Shouldn’t your passport have one too? (mine does… I dont like vermillion cover) Comes in vintage silver and vintage white!

Keep all your important name cards in these stylish retro card books. With 20pages, they hold 80 good cards and even holds skinny polaroids! Wheat or Chocolate, they both come with 8 title tabs for the window on its cover page!

Yes, they’re back in stock! Grab ’em before they’re gone again!

Aren’t they CUTE?! and Happy?! Be it “Happy Birthday” or just to say “Hello”, I am sure he/she’ll be smiling even before they read your message! …With the visuals now settled, your words are the remaining finishing touch… Pen away!

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fresh from market

We really waited for a long time for this shipment and finally, its here! It really should have gotten here much sooner but I will spare you the details that I don’t even like to deal with…

On the sunnier side, swing by to check out these items fresh off board!
Useful planners, retro card holders, leather passport holders, vinyl card books, pretty cards!
Your favourite pens, journals, bank book, stickers, and capsule letters are Back in stock too! Come see!!

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when was your last bedtime story?

Aren’t they the tiniest and cutest little wooden diorama sets? Each theme comes in a vintage style matchbox (which kinda looks flimsy… still…), a square patch of green turf, all housed in transparent cube! Check it out in store!

Arrange it, re-arrange it, play with it, or simply just admire it. Its such a pretty thing to have on your desk. Or in your display case… anywhere actually… Its one of those things that brightens and stirs the desire to smile just by looking at it. Simple pleasures?

I obviously haven’t gotten enough of my childhood fairytales. Have you?

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