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the botanical gardens

Nestled in between two majestic redwood trees and an ancient cherry tree, 1 hr north of San Fran, designer/illustrator Jill Bliss draws, sews and makes things in her studio everyday. We fell in love with her delicate style of drawing featuring plants, herbs and flowers… Botanical gardens in a book. 2 books and a set of 4 mini journals actually. Notecards too.



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got art?

Childish yet sinister. Playful yet destructive.

Internationally acclaimed artist Yoshitomo Nara’s big eyed, mischievous, malevolent kiddy characters scores with us! He paints one charming child after another, and yet, each so enigmatic. The simplicity and innocence of his works are laced with malaise and discontentment. So real…

For those who just like the way the drawings look… good enough (u have good taste already) Grab your piece of art in forms of journals, and postcards.

psst* …Hang the postcards ala pictures developed in the dark room, frame them or just plaster your wall with them. U’re the artist now, so go figure.

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This is WHO we are.


Spelt as one word. lower cases.
As of the above.

Dont space them up.
Dont give them CAPS.

For those who are all about details, .woodwould.. starts with a ‘.’ and ends with ‘..’


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whimsical meets nostalgia*

Its pretty. Its girly. Its happy. We like!! (though sometimes its abit too girly… but still…)

Cath Kidston is great at mixing the whimsical, the classic and the nostalgic! She creates her signature style with vintage fabrics and prints. (very english country chic… Dont know why but an image of the Queen just popped in my head, C.Kidston style. Looking very cheerful i must say…) Enough of the nonsense in my mind.

In store right now.

“perhaps some scones… and a cup of tea?”


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what’s another word to describle so damn cute?

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the 5s

This series of five is currently back in stock!


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this little pig goes to the black market

“we’ll setup early… have a spin around, check out who has what, probably grab them wares while we’re at it… meet some people, hang out with friends, grab a couple of lemonades, munchies, beer?… take it easy, have some fun this sunday. At House, 8D Dempsey Road. Lets do dinner after… ya? Thats a good plan, won’t you say?”


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