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August 19, 2013 · 12:25 pm


Guess what’s gorgeous and currently on our shelves over at Mandarin Gallery?


Matryoshka dolls, or also known as Russian Nesting Dolls, is essentially a set of wooden dolls decreasing size placed one inside the other.
All dolls are constructed from a single block of wood by highly skilled craftsmen, passing down age-old skills, from generation to generation.

Available at our Mandarin Gallery store! More designs and images to come!
Super Christmas Present wouldn’t you say? 🙂

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.woodwould.. x Mandarin Gallery SPECIAL

For a limited time period only, applicable for all items in store, you will be able to redeem a Mandarin Gallery Voucher worth $10.00 IMMEDIATELY!!

All you need is to purchase $50.00 and above!

Talk about instant gratification!

.woodwould.. Members, you will still get your member’s discount on top of this!

We know that Christmas is near, so… Take advantage!!

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Just in case you haven’t really noticed….
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Just in case you haven’t noticed….. we’re on twitter and tumblr!

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DECOLE goes on SALE!!

As simple as it says. Decole now on 20% off!! Grab them while stocks last.
You do know they don’t run re-productions on these adorable babies…

oh yes. Happy National Day.

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from the lost city of Atlantis…

Lets begin this with a story…

Atlantis, is a long lost city, which represented the ‘perfect society’. It was an island made up of mountains, moats, and bridges with very fertile land, abundant food, water, forests, animals and flowers. In Plato’s account, after the Atlanteans failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean, in a single day and night of misfortune.

This story is arguable and so the question remains whether or not Atlantis really existed.

TMOD’s range of jewelry ‘Long Lost Secrets’, explores this great historical mystery through forms representative of relics from the lost city of Atlantis, hidden deep below the sea. Shells, compasses, and anchors include some of the underwater references; but most importantly, is Pegasus, which Poseidon, the God Of the Sea was carried on.

As TMOD’s jewelry ranges are infamous for their interactive and experience, so too are these exquisite pieces. A four sided pendant has a latch and hinged mechanic to allow the piece to be worn in 2 different ways, as its is capable of opening and closing though a simple pull and twist movement. Similarly, there are pendants with stones or carved silver designs that spins around a central rod.

The Long Lost Secrets range is also multifunctional in tis use, as it is also a range of Signets. Signets explore the history of the Atlantis myth, as fossils do, they can tell stories of the past through forms carved at the time. The signet becomes their own fossil and relic, creating impressions though a seal that can be broken. TMOD’s range is a metaphor for concealing and breaking our own long lost secret, whether it is personal or historic.

Each piece comes packaged in a canvas pouch, with 2 wax seals and a box of TMOD matches so these representations and impressions of the lost city can live on.


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